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Belsentire sites are places from which it is possible to enjoy listening to the beauty or rarity of all or some of the sounds present.

The Centro Ricerche per l’Ecologia Acustica (CREA) association has launched a project of mapping the Vigevano soundscape, with the aim of discovering and enhancing the belsentire places and the acoustic oases of the town.

Composers  DJs, sound designers, and all kinds of sound manipulators from all over the world, are invited to take part in the VIGEVANO SOUNDSCAPE musical composition contest. The leading concept is to use the sounds of Vigevano in order to compose electronic or electroacoustic music.

A large sample of sounds from the Vigevano soundscape is provided by CREA. Composers have to use at least some of these sounds to create their pieces of music. The sounds should form a prominent part of the composition, either in their original form or in a technically modified form.

You can download the sounds from this link

or also this one


The selected ones will be published in collaboration with the accannone record label in digital format on the most important streaming platforms (Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes etc.) as well as on the CREA website.

The author of the work judged best, will be awarded a prize consisting of a voucher of € 250 to be used at the “Musical Box Studio” in Vigevano for the mixing and / or mastering of their music. Eventually also on line, with no additional costs.

Who can partecipate?
The call is open to anyone, amateur or professional musician. No fee required.


Requirements for submissions of Musical Pieces:

  • Complete the declaration of consent
  • The electroacoustic (no live electronics) composition must have a maximum duration of 10 min.
  • All musical compositions must be submitted in the following format: stereo .wav or .aiff, 44.1kHz, bitrate 16 or 24 named: NAME SURNAME – TITLE
  • The composition file must be submitted to through or any other suitable file transfer tool with subject: VIGEVANO SOUNDSCAPE CALL – NAME SURNAME in a zip file containing:
    • the composition file
    • short CV of the author
    • brief description of the work

All the works received will be heard by a special jury: Giovanni Cospito (Conservatorio di Milano), Antonio Bologna (Mediumsize), Francesco Michi (FKL), Gabriele Nicu (ACCANNONE Records), Andrea Taroppi (CREA), Alice Accardo, Emanuela Carnevale Maffè, Guido Ghilardi.

Important dates
The competition is officially starting and the archive is open on April, 4th 2022
The deadline is on: May, 15th 2022
The winner will be announced on the CREA Web Site on June, 2022

If you have any questions please contact the CREA Team at