vsc winner

Siamo felici di annunciare il vincitore del Vigevano Soundscapes Musical Composition Contest

We are happy to announce the winner of the Vigevano Soundscapes Musical Composition Contest

Juliet Merchant:



The music is directly inspired by the rich and cultural history of 15th century Vigevano. After conducting research, I discovered that Vigevano housed the great Leonardo da Vinci during the time of the royal family of Il Moro. In the Renaissance era, the land had multiple waterways and there were many watermills built around the town. This inspired me to use water audio files throughout the work. The Colombarone farm is one of the city’ highlights so I made sure to add plenty of animals noises accordingly. However, it was my aim to create music with an ancient and sacred ambience. I want the listener to feel wonderment and meditate on how history has unfolded over time. I placed the bell melody periodically within of the soundscape to show to the
hours of the clock and the non-linear feeling of time. The music includes 14 different audio samples from different categories used continually throughout the piece to help the audience visualise what life would have been like here. These small audio vignettes of people’s every day lives have added reverb to give the impression that these are memories preserved in time. Listen carefully and you can hear the city’s memories intertwined with the music

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